Business Improvement Support

We improve management standards.
For quality improvement, productivity improvement and increased sales, we also accept performance-based compensation in which payment is made based on the results achieved.

Examples of performance-based compensation:

  • Quality improvement: Defective cost reduction x 50% x 12 months
  • Productivity improvement: Man-hour reduction x unit cost x 50% x 12 months

QMS implementation support

We can assist you in implementing a QMS (Quality Management System) to acquire ISO certification or to respond to audits by your business partners.
If you do not know how to create a procedure manual or have access to someone who can, we can also create one for you. We will help you implement a QMS that is not just a formality, but one that will lead to improved quality and productivity.

Management Consultation

Please contact us for any management concerns you may have. As a nationally recognized management consultancy, we provide appropriate advice and concrete proposals that lead to results, not just theoretical ones.

We are particularly strong in the following areas

  • IT implementation support
  • Support for overseas expansion

Trainee Instructor

Please contact us with your management and employee training needs.

Advisory Contract

By signing an advisory contract, we will continuously support your company’s management through a deeper relationship.
We will visit your company on a regular basis to deal with a wide range of issues such as finance, production and human resources.

Journey of Consultancy

Initial Consultation if required
(free of charge)


Ongoing consultation


Project support


Ongoing support through advisory contracts and training support