The following amounts include tax. Transportation and accommodation expenses will be charged separately.

1.Initial consultation: Free of charge.
2.Ongoing consultation ・Half-day course: 32,400 yen / 2 hours
・Multi-day course: 108,000 yen to 324,000 yen
3.Business Improvement Support ・Compensation based on results: Reduction
*50% of the results achieved x 12 months

・In the case of hourly fees: Individual estimate
*As a rough estimate: 108,000 yen/day, 432,000 yen/month
4.Support for QMS implementation ・Preparation of an initial procedure manual 108,000 yen (approx. 10 pages)
・Support for ISO acquisition: 1,080,000 yen (up to ISO certification)
*The cost of creating and revising procedure manuals and payment to the ISO certification organization are not included.
5.Training instructor starting from 54,000 yen
6.Advisory contract 54,000 yen/month
*Continuous visit once a month for 2-3 hours.